Big Problems, USA

from by The Max Levine Ensemble

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you've always got your place in the sun
when you go down to the beach.
there's girls swinging their hips,
boys having their fun, when you go down to the beach.
and mom and pop have got a spot,
yeah down by the beach.
it's where they grew up,
and it's never been touched, not since,
not so long as the sun's shined down on the beach.

when you're driving your car, down by the beach,
fueled by contamination,
you'll see washing up down by the beach,
a sleeker new sensation
and they're closing up shop,
down by the beach,
now that the clear blue waves have sailed,
now that they're never coming back.
never coming back.
not so long as the sun shines down to the beach.

dark waters on the offshore swelling.
USA, i think we got a little problem.
we overshot and now it's only spreading
down current from some blind expansion.
USA., i think we've gone and crossed a line again.
dark waters only know about spreading.
fool me once and it's a shame i get it,
fool me twice, and it's repeat behavior,
USA., i think we've got a big problem,
USA., we've got some big fucking problems,
won't be long before everybody's got one.


from Backlash, Baby, released November 20, 2015