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Them Steadily Depressing Low Down Mind Messing Post Modern Recession Blues

by The Max Levine Ensemble

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Lucky Ones 03:11
this indignation, i've never felt more entitled to spit in your face than now. even i gave you more credit. you weren't ever worth the benefit of the doubt. if you're not painfully dense, you're willfully blind, and i don't know what's worse. have you ever looked inside or are you just too big for that? i read a story in the paper about how it's people like you who've been draining my life away. news flash on the driver's side airbag the passenger will twice as likely be blown away. i thought of you with your foot on the gas, you were drunk off your ass, now you've gone and crashed and burned. so you had all the fun. you were the lucky ones. and after all you've done, you think i'd believe you? heir to the throne, you thought this world was yours to take, but now i'm dedicated to making you think twice. unfulfilled promises, you're selling a dream that only pays out to you. this pathological game plan, when shit hits the fan, your eye's on the escape route. oops! there's politicians in your pocket, sold on collective suspension of disbelief, shake me down for my lunch money buddy, it's my fault i just couldn't compete with you. all tied up in the passenger side of a car you were driving, you were making your getaway. when you flipped and flew over the cliff, i thought "who let you in the driver's seat anyway?" if i pull myself out from this wreckage, i know right where i'm headed, i'll send you a message. (and a brick through your window's just the easiest way to say "you were the lucky ones...") oh, what's that you say? you're just a victim of circumstance? oh, haha. i guess i'll just laugh it off.
this ship is sinking, nobody's thinking about building a life boat. they're just filling holes with fingers and toes while the water breaks through doors. we're going down. despite all your predictions, your market positions, none of it was true. now a change is coming. creative destruction is crashing down on you. it'll take you out. it's already broken, we're already too far gone.
here we are, who's payed attention? the pop culture politics, the buzzwords of recession. i wanna know, wanna know, do you believe them? i heard there was something on the streets in rekjavic and riga and in athens and nairobi, that i didn't see here. well what should i expect? the self obsessed, we are the ones content with the wool pulled over our eyes. and we're wondering why we can't tell the smoke from the sky. so it passed, that fair-weather activists and armchair revolutions were proved irrelevant. what we didn't grasp: the closeness, the permanence, the failure. and all in all it was so typically american. we sat out global revolt and watched the video on the internet. the feedback, the images, obscured and second hand... they're the wool pulled over our eyes. this house of cards is getting close the wind. blissfully impotent, so long as you pretend. it's a pitiful place until you understand this is rome and we are romans.
The Bribe 00:43
every man has got a price, and i wonder what is mine. they say it's rational advice to keep your own interest in mind. and if enough's at stake, one by one we cross the line. we sell our hopes, our dreams, our hearts, our minds, our lives if we got the chance. i'm not surprised we take the bribe. i'm shocked by what a cheap price we accept.
hearing all about a situation and the only thing illuminated is a tragedy: the loss of commonality. and the languages of economics tell of millions of people removed from their homes, talking revenue, it just seems so cynical. and i've been searching for some answers, but they're getting hard to find. we've got problems. they're not solved by shouting down those men in suits. they don't care. they don't care at all. hear the prophets of a false salvation, selling answers on a tv station. the politics of scapegoats have not gone out of style. hear the voices at the demonstration, confused and angry, and trying to make sense of the loss they feel, but don't know what to call. and the problems of the least generation are the roots taken hold in mine. where the politics of self preservation are the cause of a state of mind. and i've been searching for some answers, but they're getting hard to find. yeah. they're getting hard to find. and we've been running down these halls before, searching for change in the houses of permanence. and retraced steps won't take us nowhere at all.


in case we run out of download credits, this is also available for free download at tmle.terrorware.com/discography


released January 1, 2010




The Max Levine Ensemble Washington D.C., D.C.

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