Fall of the Constellations

from by The Max Levine Ensemble

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what do i expect?
i think things will get worse.
i've got no hope or faith
in the current pace at which we chart our decline.
what's it about?
if it's about if it's about power games?
then who can play?
who realized how fear can make you paralyzed?
the kind of knots we tie that keep us binded down,
stuck here and grounded,
while the world moves on around us,
spinning on its axis.
if we are the core, the uninformed,
we are the ones who's votes are counted,
and we still do nothing about it.

what do i expect?
some new motivation?
belief in some charmed vision?
reach up and pull the stars out from the sky.
i've dreamt sometimes of this world crashing down
and then built back up from the ground, you'd ask me why
well, mama never told me
to "call the cops when you get into a bind, son,"
she said "use your fucking mind son, use your mind son."
if we are reach out for some new relation
i'd place a condition that the old one be left buried in the ground.


from Backlash, Baby, released November 20, 2015